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Saturday, September 13, 2003
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Interesting Study

CSIS has a new study on asymmetric warfare in the I/P conflict:

One of the many tragedies of the war between Israel and the Palestinians that began in late September 2000 is that it has become a low-intensity conflict in which asymmetric warfare has replaced the peace process, and politics have become an extension of war by other means," writes Cordesman. "If anything, the Israeli-Palestinian war has shown that each step of escalation leads to further asymmetries in tactics, weapons, and targeting. These asymmetries in turn convince the opposing side that the other's actions are not only immoral and illegitimate, but that it cannot be trusted to move back towards peace.

Captain Obvious sez: the cycle must be broken. Too bad neither side appears to have gotten on the clue train. See the archives for previous discussions on the subject.


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