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Monday, September 08, 2003
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The Deception Continues

The Parser-in-Chief opened his speech last night thus:

Nearly two years ago, following deadly attacks on our country, we began a systematic campaign against terrorism. These months have been a time of new responsibilities, and sacrifice, and national resolve, and great progress.

America and a broad coalition acted first in Afghanistan, by destroying the training camps of terror, and removing the regime that harbored al Qaeda. In a series of raids and actions around the world, nearly two-thirds of al Qaeda's known leaders have been captured or killed, and we continue on al Qaeda's trail. We have exposed terrorist front groups, seized terrorist accounts, taken new measures to protect our homeland, and uncovered sleeper cells inside the United States. And we acted in Iraq, where the former regime sponsored terror, possessed and used weapons of mass destruction, and for 12 years defied the clear demands of the United Nations Security Council.

Notice how effortlessly he moves from 9-11 to Iraq. Oh, but he's never said Saddam was tied to 9-11. And notice the wonderful sentence construction about the former regime "possessed and used weapons of mass destruction". Such a passive way of saying "he gassed his own people!"

I know I sleep better at night knowing that 2/3 of AQ's leadership has been captured. But wait a minute, what about Osama bin Missing? Ah, nevermind!

Translation time:

I recognize that not all of our friends agreed with our decision to enforce the Security Council resolutions and remove Saddam Hussein from power. Yet we cannot let past differences interfere with present duties.

For those of my readers who speak English:

I recognize that we really pissed off our friends when we unilaterally, illegally invaded Iraq. Yet we have screwed the pooch with our present duties, and we'd really like their money and maybe some troops to take the heat off us. If you'd like to help, call 1-800-GET-BENT.

My man Howie on the speech:

In 15 minutes, he attempted to make up for 15 months of misleading the American people and 15 weeks of mismanaging the reconstruction.

What he said.


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