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Sunday, August 24, 2003
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Wellstone Action!

Saw a flier near my undisclosed location advertising a WELLSTONE ACTION! Family Supper. I'd heard something vague about the group before, but this spurred me to look online for information. The Wellstone Action website has a message from David and Mark Wellstone:

Paul and Sheila Wellstone can never be replaced. But others can be taught to walk in their footsteps. That's the first order of business for Wellstone Action.
Our aim is nothing less than to jump-start a new generation of professional organizers and grassroots leaders who will run for office themselves.

One of the biggest lessons Dave and I learned from our parents' lives is that hard work and faith in the possibility of change can conquer despair. Certainly, there is little in the current national political climate to suggest that change will come easily, or soon. There is no indisputable progressive leader or any easy way to reverse America's relentlessly misguided course in the world. As Paul and Sheila's sons, the only practical response is obvious to us: organize, organize, organize.

I'll repeat my admonition from yesterday to give your time and money and passion so in the end, we have new hope that we can repair the damage Bush has done to our country. And allow me to amend my suggestion to donate to the Dems, Moveon and/or your candidate, and encourage you to consider joining Wellstone Action.


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