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Friday, August 01, 2003
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We Have A Winner!

First of all, thanks to all who participated in the Rummy Caption Contest. I really enjoyed the entries. Even though only one of you will get the Amazon gift cert, you're all winners in my book. Heh.

Before we get to the award announcement, let me describe the selection process. This was tough because there were really good captions. So I chose a subset of 5 entries that met at least one of the following completely subjective criteria:

1) Excellent fit with the picture.

2) Not quite a match for the picture, but inspired enough such that the entry does a good job channeling/parodying what Rummy might say.

3) Just wicked funny.

Then Cairo got into the game. I wrote the finalists down on slips of paper and put them into more or less identical dog toys (formerly stuffed hedgehog squeaky toys) downstairs in the living room. Cairo and I have a routine where she comes upstairs to check on me first thing in the morning while I'm at my computer, and when she did I told her to go back downstairs and bring me a toy (really, she's very smart). She in fact brought me two toys, one of which we immediately started to play tug with. That one contained the winner.

I debated doing this, but I will now list the runner ups (runners up?) in alpha order:

"You know what this is? It's the world's smallest violin and it's playing just for the Iraqi people." - Bill Simmon

"Do I believe that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it means that Saddam caused the 9/11 attacks? Gosh! Absolutely!" - Lilith

"Damn! I dropped my spliff!" - Nurse Ratched

"Hey Powell, get over here. Massa needs a manicure." - spine

And the winner of the 10 dollar Amazon gift certificate is:

"I'm crushing your heads! mwahhhh!" - Amy T

Congratulations Amy T! Your cert will arrive via e-mail shortly. And thanks once again everybody. There will be other contests in the future as the opportunity arises, with more incredibly valuable prizes.

Rock on,

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