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Saturday, August 23, 2003
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Verizon And Unions Getting Closer

From Reuters:

Verizon Communications Inc. and two unions pushed through round-the-clock negotiations to finalize details of a labor contract for 80,000 technicians and telephone operators from Maine to Virginia, union representatives said on Saturday.

That sounds good, although earlier in the week, the CWA:

...filed a lawsuit in New Jersey U.S. District Court against Verizon. Our complaint charges two Verizon executives with violations of the Omnibus Crime and Safe Streets Act by unlawfully and secretly accessing a private CWA conference call that was by invitation only.

Verizon then used the information they illegally obtained to file a contempt of court action against CWA Executive Vice President Larry Cohen because in this private connection, they allege he said: I hope Verizon can hear us now.

But this appears to be a side show. One hopeful sign: Verizon appears to be gearing up to do more training, which is good news for my company and shows the confidence Verizon management has that an positive end is in sight.


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