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Tuesday, August 05, 2003
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The Town Of Kebab And Irhab

Baghdad Bulletin reports on Iraqi resistance in Falujah:

Falujans don't consider their resistance of the US occupation terrorism, but a legal resistance.

The surprise to someone unfamiliar with the town is that the resistance is not only armed. The peaceful civil resistance in Falujah has focused the attention of all Falujans that the situation must eventually take the shape of general public opinion, facing the occupation with all means. At the center of the united national movement in Falujah is (the group of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qubeisi). Ahmed Al-Esawy and Belal Al-Ani told of their movement in Falujah in spite of the fame of Al-Qubeisi as a Religious Islamic leader.

They describe their movement as a nationalist movement and not only contains Sunni, as it is rumored, but some Shia also. It includes Arabs and Kurds, and all other nationalities. We, they said, will welcome our brothers, the Christians, if they desire to join our movement. Our only condition is that the person who wants to belong to this movement should be Iraqi and believe in the uniting of our country and all its sects.
The movement assures delivery of civil services to the people of Falujah. These include cleaning campaigns, achieving clean drinking water, getting aid from humanitarian societies to distribute them to the poor people, to build hospitals and athletic clubs and to set up local newspapers etc.

Iraqis organizing themselves to not only resist occupation, but also to provide services to the people. Gandhi's Constructive Program writ small. It certainly seems like they're capable of peacefully taking control of their own country. Who knew?


PS--This week's Baghdad Bulletin is full of interesting articles. I suggest you check 'em out. 

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