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Wednesday, August 06, 2003
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Special Birthday Edition: My Birthday

I'm getting old. My right knee is still not in great shape after tweaking it during Sunday's doubleheader, so rather than risk doing further damage I told our team captain that I will bag on softball tonight. The post-season is coming up, and that's more important than a couple of meaningless games that will not change where we are in the standings (for those not paying attention, we're dead last).

Stef and I are heading up to our camp in the Northeast Kingdom for my birthday, and weather permitting I'll be doing a little sailing. S'posed to be scattered t-storms, so maybe we'll just drink some wine by the fire. I'm also going to putz around and see if I can repair my ailing weather station--the modem it uses to upload webcam pics of the pond (a popular service) and weather info (data for the National Weather Service) to the Internet got fried a few weeks ago.

Blogging will be hit or miss today. We do have dialup access, but it's wicked slow--the place is rustic, afterall--and I'm an impatient person.


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