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Monday, August 11, 2003
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New Writing Gig!

So out of the blue, I was asked to contribute to an upcoming information security book. I've worked a little bit with the editor-in-chief before: on a recommendation from another editor I did some writing for (Computer Security Handbook), he approached me earlier this year to review some material on cryptography that was going into The Internet Encyclopedia (to be released in November, in which I should get an acknowledgment). Anyway, he's asked for my help again.

I'll be writing a chapter on "Anonymity and Identity in the Internet" and another on "Encrypting E-mail". I really wanted to do the piece about online communities, but it was already assigned. Not sure when the book is due out, but my first drafts have to be in by January--I'll be getting full details soon. This will be the third book I've worked on in my nascent writing career (I've never done a solo project--too much work). Should be fun!


[Instant update: after reading this post, I just have to say "thank goodness for good editors". All the ones I've worked with have been excellent. And I sure need 'em! Post remains unedited.] 

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