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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
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Nasty Bug

So I'm at the DMV to get my license renewed, and it's strangely uncrowded. I walk up to the desk and start rapping with the lady there, who shows me that her computer, as are all the machines at the DMV, is infected with the latest and greatest worm. No license for me today. Onward.

To add further insult, my machine has been infected, as I suspected when I started having svchost.exe problems. I'm surprised, since my virus definitions are up to date, I've got personal firewall software running, and I'm good about keeping Windows patched. Somehow I got nailed anyway--fortunately my wife's machine is fine.

I'm somewhat annoyed with my ISP. On the one hand, they've responded pretty quickly to the crisis and set up filters to block the bad stuff that this worm will do (I'll spare y'all the tech details, unless you're interested). However, these are steps that arguably should have been done preventively, and were not. Ah well.

Anyway, my PC maintenance continues. That's fine since it's raining and I can't use my new lawnmower anyway.

BTW, I highly recommend everybody check out their ISP's tech support and/or Microsoft's home page for instructions to patch your systems. I'd provide a link to MS, but my copy/paste problems have not been resolved yet.

Rock on,

[Instant update: that's odd, a scan of my machine shows no sign of the baddy. WTF?]

[Further update: manually poking around, I've located the baddy and destroyed it. Patching continues.] 

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