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Sunday, August 10, 2003
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My Bat Is Back

And my hitting is, sorta. We kept it within 4 runs both games, though the 2nd was short because of the monsoon that swept in.

Anyway, with my favorite bat now found instead of lost, I started off well, going 2 for 2, then I hit 2 deep to left (appropriate for me when you think about it), including one waaay foul. I keep getting out ahead and under the ball for some reason. Anyway, scored 1 run that game. 2nd game I was 1 for 3. Started off with a dribbler, then did a stupid thing: switched bats. I thought maybe going to a lighter stick would help, but it just made things worse. I also scored a run in that game, but it was as a pinch runner. So not an awful offensive night, but not what I'd like to see. I finished the regular season hitting .450 (good news: that's up from .428 last week). Post-season starts (and I suspect for us, ends) Saturday.

As well as I played defensively last week, I played equally horribly today. I played catcher and missed an easy pop up as I took my eye off the ball to make sure I didn't trip over the bat on the baseline. And while I'm not the world's most accurate thrower, today I could barely get the ball back to the mound. I've never heard of a wild catcher before, but if there is such a thing, I was one. Dreadful.

And my knee hurts again. I sure wish I were still 33.


[Instant update: forgot to mention (not like it's a big deal, but...): my buddy the heron was hanging out in the beaver pond again. Just standing there in the rain, surrounded by pond scum except for the clear water a few feet all around where he presumably was fishing. Cool.] 

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