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Friday, August 08, 2003
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G-rated Scrabble

TBOGG reminds us of a pretty good word to use in Strip Scrabble or everyday life: aestivation.

Speaking of Scrabble, the wife and I were playing the 50th Anniversary Non-Strip Edition game last night. The dog was completely wiped out from a day of swimming, chasing sticks and keep said sticks away from young visiting dog, Jethro. Stef and I were wiped as well, so after dinner we chilled.

Anywayz, Stef generally kicks my ass at Scrabble, and the first game was no exception. However, I was able to pull off a stunning win in our second game. The clinching play was fairly early in the game when I put down a killer word: peg. No, it didn't have a huge point value, but it blocked Stef from playing something that would have garnered approximately 150 bazillion points, what with the letter Q, triple letter score, double word score, and I forget how many other neat things. That sealed the deal and I coasted to victory. And I didn't have to sleep on the couch.

Tonight we're chillin' again. She's got some Magic Hat #9 and is watching my Citizen Kane DVD (which I've seen too many times) downstairs, while I've got a Shiraz and am playing on the computer (duh) upstairs. The dog is asleep. Friday night in the Pritsky household...reminds me of a song about my old stomping grounds: "Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio is like being nowhere at all." Ah... :-)


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