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Tuesday, August 05, 2003
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Dems, Dean And The Deficit

According to the latest Gallup poll:

[C]lose to eight in 10 Americans view the federal budget deficit as either a crisis (20%) or major problem (57%).
President Bush has argued that the recently passed tax cuts will ultimately have a positive effect on the deficit, but Americans appear unsure about that. When asked if the cuts would result in an increase or decrease of the deficit, Americans choose "increase" by a 20-point margin -- 54% to 34%.
A little over a year ago, Americans were also about evenly divided as to which party in Congress would do a better job with the deficit. But in the latest poll, Americans favor the Democrats over the Republicans by a 13-point margin, 50% to 37%.

Despite 48% of the public also believing in voodoo economics (that Rovian spin machine works wonders) and only 3% saying the deficit is the most important problem in this country (no duh), I think this bodes well for Dems, and Dean in particular. Unka Karl won't be able to accuse Howie of being a tax-and-spend liberal given his record of fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets in Vermont. Again, that might dismay the far Left, but their positions I think are politically untenable and a bit too unrealistic.


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