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Sunday, August 10, 2003
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Capital Gang

I watched CNN's Capital Gang yesterday, which I don't normally do (and I didn't even need to scratch my eyes out or take a bath in boiling chlorine). I don't like these blowhards and wonder who but political junkies watch them, but the Talking Heads do provide a moderately useful telltale once in a while. Anyway, I watched because they were debating whether Lieberman could stop Dean. Margaret Carlson on the impact of Lieberman's recent attack on Howie:

Zero, I think, because Howard Dean is not susceptible to conventional attacks, because he's in virtual reality land of campaigning.

The annoying Bob Novak had this to say about the Democratic Party attempts to stop Dean's rise:

[T]he establishment has to figure out a way to stop Dean if they're going to stop him. They're not going to stop him with Joe Lieberman.

Ersatz centrist Al Hunt:

Dean is driving the insiders crazy. Look, this is not about ideology. It is true that Howard Dean opposed the Iraqi war. So did that notorious leftie Robert D. Novak.

It strikes me that the greatest passion that Dean brings when it comes to issues is fiscal responsibility. And he's actually to the right of Democrats on some issues.

Mark Shields took an informal poll in Chicago recently (MOE +/- 81%):

[I] talked to 11 different voters, who -- nine of whom said they were for Dean for one reason, and that was, I was dying for someone to take on the president, to stand up to Bush. And he did do it.

In response, Bay Buchanan said the most revealing things of the night:

That is...a great place to start in order to try energize a base. They finally see a reason to go against some -- to be for somebody because he's beating up the guy they don't like.

But where the Democrats have -- are making a huge mistake, in my opinion, and they may not know of any other choice, but that is, they are -- they're moving ahead because of their anger against the president. But that president is enormously liked. He's amiable. He's a friendly guy.

Poor Bay. Her guy's re-elect numbers are below 50%, his policies suck, and all she's got to go on is Bush's personality. That's got to hurt.

I can see the bumperstickers now: Bush 2004 - he's a friendly guy! Morning in America it ain't...


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