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Wednesday, August 20, 2003
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Back From Purgatory

I finally got my butt over to the DMV and renewed my driver's license. Wasn't too bad an experience, and only 35 minutes total. Their ticketing system works pretty well. I was D73, and my ticket said I could expect an 11 minute wait, which was a bit of a lie--D70, 71 and 72 went by pretty quickly, which got my hopes up, but then I waited another 14 minutes. Once up there, it took all of about 30 femtoseconds to get my new ID.

Two annoying things: the DMV website still sucks, so it took me forever to find payment info; speaking of paying, they still don't take credit cards. I was hoping things would change with the new administration since many state officers campaigned on e-government platforms. Oh well.

Anywayz, I'm back and will be blogging again as soon as I finish my lunch.


[Update: forgot to mention that my picture came out okay. Weird thing was people at the DMV kept trying to give me campaign contributions.] 

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