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Sunday, July 13, 2003
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More Press for Dean

Kerry and Dean Set on a Collision Course:

They have circled one another warily for months, a study in political contrasts. One is the tall, cool Bostonian who exudes stature and experience in the world; the other the short, intense Vermont transplant who projects energy, passion and a determination to upend the politics of his own party.
Along with Rep. Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo.), Kerry and Dean make up the top tier of the Democratic field of nine candidates, but by dint of geography and demography, the two New Englanders often find themselves fishing in the same pond, fighting over the same voters: white, liberal, moderately affluent, well-educated, mostly antiwar, vehemently anti-President Bush.

Any press is good press, although I'm getting a bit annoyed with the constant physical descriptions WaPo and other outlets keep harping on (Dean's short, big-veined, etc). And though indirectly mentioned here, the liberal meme is still being spun. But hey, name recog is the big deal right now, and Dean's making great progress on that front. Go get 'em, Howie!


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