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Thursday, July 31, 2003
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The Israeli War On Mixed Marriage

Ha'aretz reports on the latest outrage:

The Knesset plenum approved Thursday the second and third readings of a bill to prevent Palestinians who marry Israeli citizens from receiving citizenship or permanent residency status.

The bill, which has been denounced by its opponents as 'racist' and 'inhumane,' passed by a majority of 53 votes to 25, with one abstention.
Bill supporters noted that Palestinians who received Israeli citizenship by marriage were playing a growing role in terror attacks, a phenomenon that the director the Shin Bet security service Avi Dichter described in a closed session Tuesday.

Most of those who will be affected by the amendment are Israeli Arabs who marry Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza, who will now be unable to live together in Israel.
Local and international human rights groups have decried the bill as racist, saying it creates an impossible situation in which couples will either have to separate or move abroad.

Along with "transfer", this is part and parcel of Israel's continued efforts to completely remove Palestinians from the country, all in the name of security. Screw human dignity. Jail their kids, destroy their marriages, kick them out, build a fence, create a veritable bantustan and what do you get? Certainly not peace, and not security either.


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