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Monday, June 16, 2003
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"That Thing"

I'm teaching at Verizon this week. I went to the facility this morning, and while I was waiting for my escort at the security desk, I noticed a strange "dance". A lady got in the elevator, then a dude kinda rushed to get into the car but abruptly turned around and let the door close. He said to the security guard "I'm not getting in an elevator with that thing". Turns out, "that thing" is someone who crossed (or was planning to cross) a picket line. This August the CWA and IBEW unions appear poised to strike. Looks like they're not happy with the layoffs that have been happening lately, amongst other things. In poking around for info I found a Verizon news release and this interesting site where employees and customers can air grievances about the company.

Anyway, I was amazed by the bile in that man's statement about co-worker and fellow human being (although I understand that New York in particular is a big union state). Just when I think maybe we *can* all just get along, I run into something like this. Now how the heck are the Shia and Sunnis going to work out their differences?



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