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Sunday, June 22, 2003
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Online Grassroots

According to the C-SPAN2 schedule, Dean's speech will be webcast live at 1PM Eastern tomorrow.

Beyond Dean's message and backbone, I'm also very excited by his use of the Internet to build support. How cool is this: his campaign has its own blog. They've also enlisted the great and powerful Kos. And their fans are taking full advantage of the whole MeetUp concept--over 35,000 members, compared to the witches interest group, still the 2nd biggest at well over 16,000 members (side note: 3200 people have signed up for the Harry Potter - Order of Phoenix group). I think Dean and crew are definitely using the medium the right way.

Maybe the Internet will make a big difference in '04. Take the MoveOn online primary next week:

In most presidential primary processes, pundits, pollsters and wealthy donors determine the outcome long before the actual primaries. By the time the rest of us cast our ballots, the nomination is typically a done deal. The PAC Primary will allow hundreds of thousands of voters to speak out now, adding their weight to the campaigns of their choice. Voting in the PAC primary starts Tuesday, June 24.

Power to the people!


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