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Monday, June 23, 2003
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I Never Got a Pony

Just taking a little break from writing B2B material. I've been plugging away at my course development for a couple hours and have come to the sad, sad realization that I have too much work to do. Thus, I am not going to see Dean in person today, even though I've got tickets and everything. Basically, I did the math and decided that I can't afford the time.

I'm working at home, and it will take an hour or more to get downtown (we live in the boonies, plus we apparently would need to take a shuttle from designated parking areas, which I hadn't considered), leaving early enough to get a good spot, the 1.5 hours or more of watching the speechifying (not just Dean but also Burlington's Progressive mayor and our 2 Senators), then an hour home again. I'm very disappointed since my excitement over the whole thing has been building so much, and I was looking forward to seeing some friends and enjoying the whole carnival atmosphere. It's kinda like waking up Christmas Day and not getting a pony--makes for a bitter adult. Well, maybe that's overstating the importance of ponies and presidential candidates, but I am going to be a responsible adult for a change and will instead watch Howie on CSPAN2.

And no, working this weekend would not have saved me from this ignoble fate: a) I wouldn't have gotten much quality work done anyway, and b) I would still be stressing out about the amount I have to do. The energy of the event would've been great, but work would've been in the back of my head, keeping me from enjoying things as much as I should. That's just the way I am.


And here are a few more germane news-ish items:

* Jesse Jackson hosts Democrats' party - There are, what, 153 Dems running for the nomination, and Dean dominates half the story about Jesse's party. Cool.

* Ben & Jerry's ice cream founder backs Kucinich - I like Dennis, too, but not as much as Howard. Plus Howie gets his own ice cream flavor! BTW, Jerry literally lives down the road from my parents. And I mean 'literally' in its traditional, literal sense.

* Come Back To The Five N Dime, Howard Dean, Howard Dean - Neal Pollack is just too funny. If you read one blog entry today (besides this one), you must read Neal's take on Dean's MTP appearance. He nails it.



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