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Wednesday, June 25, 2003
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The Fog of Softball

It's going to be a long season:

* Game 1 - I went 2 for 3, reached on a fielder's choice, scored 2 runs, and committed an error in right field. We lost 39-7. As my wife just said when I told her, we really suck.

* Game 2 - I went 0 for 2. Popped up to shallow left both times. That's weird, because last season I was the master of the grounder. I mean, I was hitting over .600! I think I'm swinging too early, because in each of the 2nd games I've played, I switched to a light bat and batted .000. Have to tweak things a bit it seems. Oh, and we lost 17-2.

Both games the mercy rule was invoked, though it was so foggy at the end of the 2nd game that we would've called it anyway. There was a downpour about an hour before we played, which cooled things off by about 10 degrees, but it made everything really misty. A couple times when I was in the outfield I couldn't see the ball come off the bat.

It was pretty, though. We play on a school field that sits practically at the foot of Mt. Mansfield. The mist really made for an nice, layered, picturesque view as the sun set. What a great place to play softball.


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