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Saturday, June 14, 2003
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Counter Dominance

I've been thinking a lot about the difficulty people on opposite ends of the political spectrum have communicating. The political tensions we're experiencing today are nothing new, maybe no more shrill than in previous eras, and perhaps necessary for our continued social development. As I ponder this I keep falling back on evolutionary psychology, and Hegelian dialectic to a certain degree. My dialectic is evolving thus: thesis = dominance, anti-thesis = counter-dominance, synthesis = non-violent libertarianism (with a twist of lemon).

Peace out,

PS--I think David Nolan's 2D political chart is better than the old left/right wing linear distinction. Take this quiz to see where you fit: World's Smallest Political Quiz.

PPS--This post is a gratuitous example of self-plagiarism, stolen from an e-mail I sent to some friends a few weeks ago. Consider it a crystal seed as I get this blogger thing going.

PPPS--Speaking of which, yes, I'm unimaginative wrt the template for now. I'll get my wife to help me design a better look later... 

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