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Monday, April 05, 2004
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I Am Not A CD, I Am An INTP

Over at Talk Left, I took umbrage at being called a "centrist Democrat". Jeralyn had indicated her displeasure about "liberal bloggers" who were critical of Kos--apparently she was only directing her wrath at people like Mark Kleiman, however. 'twas silly to think she might've meant a little blogon like me. Regardless, The Commissar has picked up the epithet and is calling me a "CD", and I want him to take it back or I'll get all pouty and start a massive campaign to get John Kerry to de-link him.

For the record:

* I am socially liberal (pro gay marriage, etc).

* I am fiscally conservative (deficit hawk, etc).

* I don't like parties (political or otherwise).

* I am most decidely NOT a Democrat (just ask Steve Bates).

* I vote for Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Socialists, and occassionally Natural Law candidates (when the mood hits).

* Kos' "screw them" comment was insensitive and stupid.

* The wingersphere should get over it.


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