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Sunday, February 01, 2004
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Super Thoughts

* Damn it, I was looking prescient when the score was 21-16, just before Brady threw that INT. Thought I was going to only be 1 point off in my prediction (I was assuming they'd play it conservative, get the FG, then hold off Carolina in the final 7 minutes). Ah well, at least the right team won!

* The Pats can thank me: when they were playing the Rams, I left my folks' and listened to the last 6 minutes on the radio, including of course Vinatieri kicking the game winner; same thing this year. I might not be able to predict the final score, but I clearly hold the fate of New England in my hand. Or my radio.

* If the Pats had lost, it would've proven that Howard Dean will win the nomination. My streak of calling races is so bad, all I would have to do is predict he will lose every race, thereby guaranteeing victory.

* The Pats and the Rams have been involved in 3 of my favorite Super Bowls. I have been happy with the results of 2 of them. A cigar to whomever can guess which 2.

* Dad and I watched LOTR starting at noon, and then we all had dinner before the game. Just outside the dining room window, Mom saw an owl (I think it's a Barred Owl). Took a while for Dad to grab the camera and turn off the flash, and the bird flew to a tree in the backyard. I leaned out the backdoor to grab this snap:

Their cam doesn't have the greatest zoom, but hopefully all y'all can see the bird! I wonder if it was an omen...

[Update: nominations for best ad? I loved Shards O Glass, the American Legacy Foundation's anti-tobacco commercial. Makes me wonder, why didn't CBS run the MoveOn spot again?]


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