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Monday, February 23, 2004
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States' Rights

Only when convenient:

The Bush administration has rejected a plan by Michigan and Vermont to jointly negotiate lower prescription drug prices from pharmaceutical companies, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm said Monday.

The two states were the first to pool their resources for buying drugs under the state-federal Medicaid program providing health care to the poor. Michigan has said the pool purchases would save the state millions of dollars. Other states, including New Hampshire, were considering joining.

Granholm, a Democrat, said she was told late Friday that the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services was rejecting the program as a violation of federal procurement procedures.

How nice that BushCo respects the rights of the Several States to be creative in delivering better services to their people. Lemme guess, "federal procurement procedures" dictate you have to buy at the price set by Bush's Big Pharma buddies. Is it any wonder his Medicare bill is going to cost more than the administration admitted?


[Update: As Lambert says over at corrente: "$5 into your front pocket, $10 out of your back pocket...." And if corrente had implemented Trackback, I would ping the post!] 

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