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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
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Random Thoughts

The Dean campaign came up at a break during class today. 3 of my students knew all about The Scream, at least the media portrayal of it, and only 1 knew The Truth about the media manipulation of his post-Iowa speech. Damn the press.

Of course I am troubled by Edwards' support of Iraq, which is why I ultimately couldn't support him as my first choice in the Dem race. However, I like his overall message much better than I like Kerry's, and see him as my next logical choice. I'd really rather have Kucinich but I am a realist.

I still can't accept Kerry yet. And really, why should I? He still only has around 600 of 2600 delegates needed for the nomination? I refuse to succumb to the inevitability thing. And I honestly am troubled by his dreadful explanations of his votes for BushCo policies, his dirty pool, and his lack of passion. Yesyesyes, I'll vote for him if he's the nominee, but I deserve to raise my voice for a better choice in November.

I'm so very glad Howard Dean reframed the political debate in this country, forced the Dems to grow spines and take on Bush, and reinvigorated the Democratic Party. Probably not enough to ever make me a Dem, but no matter who emerges from the convention this summer, Dean will have made him a better candidate, not to mention a better Dem, a better President, and a better person.

Question to Dean supporters who have not gotten to vote yet: are you still going to vote for Howie?


PS--Donate to the DNC, damn it. 

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