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Saturday, February 21, 2004
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Queer Marriage A Threat To Civil Order

Der Governator wants to terminate gay marriages in SFO:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger intervened Friday in the controversy over gay marriage, asking the state attorney general to take legal steps to stop San Francisco from issuing wedding licenses to same-sex couples.
The governor said the city's granting of marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples presents "an imminent risk to civil order" and warned that "thousands of people appear to be seeking the same unlawful certification as each day passes."

Yes, I understand it's the "rule of law" Ahnold is talking about on the surface, but really we all know that the GOP really fears a breakdown of society if gays can get married. All the noise about obeying the law is just the fig leaf the bigots hide behind.

Regardless, hasn't anybody heard of civil disobedience? Fundamental civil rights are at stake. San Francisco is refusing to observe the legal and moral travesty that is Prop 22. This is no more a threat to civil order than a sit-in at a Whites Only lunch counter, and just as necessary.


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