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Tuesday, February 10, 2004
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The Press Is Ready To Pounce

Today's press briefing by WH stooge, Scott McClellan:

Q Scott, a couple of questions I have -- the records that you handed out today, and other records that exist, indicate that the President did not perform any Guard duty during the months of December 1972, February or March of 1973. I'm wondering if you can tell us where he was during that period. And also, how is it that he managed to not make the medical requirements to remain on active flight duty status?

MR. McCLELLAN: John, the records that you're pointing to, these records are the payroll records; they're the point summaries. These records verify that he met the requirements necessary to fulfill his duties. These records --

Q That wasn't my question, Scott.

MR. McCLELLAN: These payroll records --

Q Scott, that wasn't my question, and you know it wasn't my question. Where was he in December of '72, February and March of '73? And why did he not fulfill the medical requirements to remain on active flight duty status?

MR. McCLELLAN: These records -- these records I'm holding here clearly document the President fulfilling his duties in the National Guard. The President was proud of his service. The President --

Q I asked a simple question; how about a simple answer?

MR. McCLELLAN: John, if you'll let me address the question, I'm coming to your answer, and I'd like --

Q Well, if you would address it -- maybe you could.

MR. McCLELLAN: I'm sorry, John. But this is an important issue that some chose to raise in the context of an election year, and the facts are important for people to know. And if you don't want to know the facts, that's fine. But I want to share the facts with you.

Q I do want to know the facts, which is why I keep asking the question. And I'll ask it one more time. Where was he in December of '72, February and March of '73? Why didn't he fulfill the medical requirements to remain on active flight duty status in 1972?

I'd quite forgotten what an aggressive press corps was like. Let's see if they pursue this issue as ferociously as they did Clinton's fellatio.

I frankly could care less if Bush did all his time in the TANG. It was Vietnam, and lots of rich kids did what they could to get away with avoiding service in the war. Lots of other people took whatever avenues they could as well.

However, given all the trivial crap the Right tried to hang on Clinton1 throughout his tenure, especially about draft dodging2, I have to say this is certainly just desserts. What's more, this is a President who is running on his alleged national security credentials and has screwed current Guard members. Why should we give him a free pass on this?

What's more, like all the other stonewalling by this administration, from Cheney's energy cabal records to the 9/11 panel to the new intel commission, these people just continue to show utter contempt for government transparency and accountability. The AWOL thing won't win the election for the Dems, but it's another piece of the mosaic: a disturbing picture of evasion, deceit, and outright lying.

And it's nice to see our media finally living up to its responsibility. Here's hoping their newfound resolve lasts...


1 - For the record, I voted for Clinton twice, but don't have any great love for him.

2 - Back in July I blogged about the contrast between Bush's and Clinton's actions during Vietnam. 

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