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Wednesday, February 04, 2004
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Now Playing On My iPod

Pieces of Eight by Styx:

Out on the streets I overheard a lady say
We now have everything or so people say
But now this emptiness haunts me every day
We seek the lion's share never knowing why
Come alive spread your wings and fly

Yes, cheesy 70s and 80s acts are a guilty pleasure of mine. And speaking of guilt and pleasure, I note what I think is irony (tell me, Alanis): the song is basically about how wealth can rule our lives if we let it, and I'm listening to the tune on my iPod, an extreme example of crass consumerism, all made possible by my pursuit of pieces of eight.

What's more, I had a just tried to publish a fairly long post on the subject of consumerism, my yearlong funk/midlife crisis/whatever, solving world problems and liberal guilt, when the phone rang. Our wireless phone happens to sometimes interfere with my wireless card, and since Blogger really sucks, I lost my entry. Rest assured, the post was incredibly thought provoking and angst-ridden, and would have brought great value to the blogosphere (n! iwusp!).

Anyway, it's funny that all these conveniences contrived to prevent me from getting my thoughts out there. And my damn thumb hurts with nothing to show for it!


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