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Sunday, February 08, 2004
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How's This For Spin?

Dean maintains hold on second place in Democratic delegate race:

Kerry: 409
Dean: 174
Edwards: 116
Clark: 82

And given how Dean has focused on WI at the expense of MI and WA, he did better than I expected. The latest polls had shown (via Kos):

Kerry 40
Dean 13
Edwards 11
Clark 8

Kerry 62
Dean 13
Edwards 11
Clark 5

And the final results (delegates in parentheses):

Kerry 49 (47)
Dean 30 (29)
Kucinich! 8
Edwards 7
Clark 3

Kerry 52 (91)
Dean 17 (24)
Edwards 13 (6)
Sharpton! 7 (7)
Clark 7

Yes, it looks like Kerry will win just on pure momentum at this point, but he still needs 1700 delegates. On the whole, Dean's remaining more competitive than I expected, and maybe the Wisconsin strategy will pay off. Not very probable, especially since the media has yet to give Kerry the same treatment they slammed Dean with, but still in the realm of possibility. And that's what it's all about, isn't it?


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