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Saturday, February 21, 2004
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Democracy In Iraq

Not. CNN:

The top U.S. civilian administrator in Iraq has said Iraqi elections might not take place for another year to 15 months because of "technical problems."

Paul Bremer was speaking after the White House Friday acknowledged a point U.S. officials have conceded privately -- the administration's plan to use a caucus-style procedure to choose an interim Iraqi government has been shelved. However, it remains firm on the June 30 handover date.

"Iraq has no election law, it has no national commission to even establish a national law governing political parties, it has no voters' lists, it has not had a credible, reliable census for almost 20 years, there are no constituent boundaries to decide where elections would take place," Bremer told Dubai-based Al Arabiya satellite network.

"However, rigged Diebold machines are ready to ship right now," Bremer added.


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