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Sunday, February 08, 2004
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Bush Sucked

What a evasive, inarticulate, lying buffoon. Bush's appearance on MTP was awful. But don't take my word for it--here's what the folks at NRO are saying:

President Bush looks like he's afraid of Tim Russert. He's stammering and unsteady. For the first time, I've felt a twinge of fear myself about the November election.
Posted at 09:22 AM

Not to pile on here, but I think lots of eyebrows legitimately raise re: the March 2005 commission deadline. I’m not sure he sufficiently answered that…
Posted at 10:34 AM

Michael, I don't know that it was a disaster. I don't think it helped much, but it probably didn't do much damage either. He sounded defensive on intel and, oddly, he seemed almost removed from his service answer. I'm taking comfort in the fact its Sunday morning and most people were doing something other than watching meet the press. What I always do think is useful is people seeing how heartfelt is his love for this country, for its people, and for freedom. That came across, as it often does when he does sitdowns. But again, all in all, I don't think it was a disaster, by any stretch.

A pundit-type just said to me: "If he loses this year, this will be the day he lost it."
Posted at 11:40 AM

If he loses?


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