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Tuesday, February 03, 2004
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Bush "Recovery" Part XXXVIII

The genius of capitalism:

Planned job cuts in January were 26 percent higher than in December due to increases in offshore outsourcing and to mergers and acquisitions that have made some positions redundant, global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., reported on Tuesday.

Post-holiday job cuts reached 117,556 in January, surpassing the 100,000 threshold for the first time since last October.
[Challenger] said one of the main factors behind the cuts was an increase of employers eliminating jobs in the United States and shifting to service providers in India, China and the Philippines.

So we give tax cuts to corporations, which I'll note are not people, and they export our jobs to increase their margins. Where is our Dubcek who will give us capitalism with a human face? Look no further than at one of the candidates for President:

Capitalism is the greatest system that people have ever invented, because it takes advantage of bad traits, as well as our good traits, and turns them into productivity. But the essence of, you got to have some rules. Imagine a hockey game with no rules...Nobody benefits...So you have got to have reasonable rules. And the rules have to protect everybody in the game.

Guess who.


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