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Monday, January 19, 2004
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You've Got To Be Freaking Kidding Me: Kerry?!

CNN clearly wants Kerry to win tonight:

And here's what they're reporting on the early results with 20% of precincts reporting:

Kerry 37
Edwards 34
Dean 18
Gephardt 11

And there's the expectations game from ABC:

Democratic presidential candidates vied for victory Monday across the chilly precincts of Iowa, the first step in the battle to face President Bush this fall. John Kerry was leading in preliminary results of an Associated Press survey of Iowa Democrats taken as they entered the caucus sites.

The survey showed John Edwards and Howard Dean battling for second, and Dick Gephardt, the winner of the 1988 caucuses, trailing. Just weeks ago, before the Iowa race turned tumultuous, Dean was the undisputed front-runner and anything less than a victory for him would jolt the crowded field and raise questions about the former Vermont governor's standing.

So if Dean, annointed the front-runner by the SCLM who has savaged him at every turn, doesn't win tonight, apparently he's not "electable". Oy. Well, I can't afford the time and energy to watch the caucus results, so hopefully when I wake up tomorrow all this will be as unreal as the Eagles losing to the Panthers...


[Update: even the Iowa Caucus leaderboard is playing the image game. Reader challenge: which of the pictures is not like the others?] 

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