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Thursday, January 29, 2004
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Why Kerry Won


Kerry won because many voters were looking for a candidate who had the best chance of beating President Bush in the November election, and perceived Kerry to be that candidate.

[O]ver half of the New Hampshire voters, 56%, perceived Kerry as having the best chance of beating Bush. Only 16% of the voters felt that about Dean, and smaller numbers felt that about the other candidates. In other words, whatever else they may have thought about Kerry's strengths, New Hampshire voters became convinced that he is the one who is most electable in November...

Dean apparently still retained a considerable amount of good will among New Hampshire Democratic primary voters even as he lost to Kerry...Dean was more likely than Kerry to be selected on three of [five positive personal characteristics], by three- to five-point margins, and trailed Kerry by only two points on a fourth. These include such things as "has new ideas that would help solve the country's problems," "shares your values," and "is in touch with the average American."

Indeed, the exit poll showed that Dean was the favored candidate among New Hampshire primary voters who said that standing up for what one believes in or the ability to shake things up in Washington was the most important criterion for their votes.

Sigh. That damn electability meme. If only people had voted for the person who represented their ideals instead of this bogus idea*. I think that's the only way to truly win in November**.


* Yes, I see polling now shows Kerry could beat Bush. No duh, he's got the momentum and people are starting to pay attention to the race. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that the same thing would've happened if Dean or Edwards or Clark had won IA and NH--all the Dems were within striking distance of Bush before the voting started.

** This is why I don't actually begrudge what Nader voters did in 2000, while I'm still annoyed by Nader and his party (just as I'm annoyed by Gore and his party). 

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