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Friday, January 30, 2004
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Some folks have been asking about the Great Bloggers Chess Match and whether it's defunct. It is not, but it's my turn and quite frankly, I haven't had the energy to think about moves and the surrounding post. I've promised Rook that I would do something this weekend.

I also promise to re-engage in OSP and The Liberal Coalition. I've found the beginning of 2004 to be filled with way more work, stress, and minor illness than I would like, so I haven't been up to being a very good community member online, let alone at work or at home (and don't ask about my damned book project).

The next couple months on my travel schedule look absolutely brutal, and that is necessarily going to force some major lifestyle changes (including quite possibly where and how I make a living). In that context, one thing I've discovered is that having a blog as an outlet for writing, poetry, photography, chess, etc, helps me keep my sanity from fraying entirely, so I promise my readers that this endeavor will continue.

And if there are any magazine or newspaper people out there who just happen to discover this site, I'd be better and cheaper than Andrew Sullivan, should you be looking for new talent to cultivate. I promise.


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