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Thursday, January 15, 2004
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Oy Vey

Okay, I'm a bad blogger. Sorry for not posting anything of value lately, but I gotta tell ya, the course I'm doing is a quantum singularity of training: nothing can escape. Alas, it's a pilot offering, a super intense case-based class, we've got THREE instructors working this week and we're all wiped. Lucky me, I get to teach the course solo next week, and in the words of Mr. T, "I predict pain!" Anyway, thanks for the comments and concern about my well-being, or at least that of my blog!

So what's happened in the world outside the training facility?

Well, jeebus, the Dem nomination sure doesn't look like a lock for my main man, Dean (see the various discussions at Kos). Is this like when I don't watch the Cleveland Indians or Browns? They always seem to lose if I don't put all my will into their victory--yes, you can blame me for "The Drive", "The Fumble", and the World Series losses to the Braves and the fish because I missed a few snaps or pitches of each game.

And now Dean is losing his mantle of inevitability because I've been so wrapped up in my class. But hey, Carol Moseley Braun is throwing her support behind Howie. That's got to earn him something on the order of 15 more votes. And Dean's victory in the DC beauty contest is nice. Still.

Glad to see the Spirit rover is tooling around Mars now. Can't find a link right now, but one of my students had a pic of Wal-Mart on Mars: proof of intelligent life in the solar system, I guess. Anybody have a copy of the photoshopped photo?

More blogging later, but lemme say this: despite the looooong week, I'm so freaking glad I'm in Dallas instead of Vermont, at least when only considering the temperature.


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