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Sunday, January 04, 2004
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Lost Weekend

I basically spent 3 days struggling to get my damned webcam working on the weather station up at our camp. At the last moment, I finally discovered that the issue was RealPlayer, which I had totally forgotten was installed on the PC--once I uninstalled that, I was able to successfully install the necessary USB drivers. A very frustrating few days, but now things appear to running smoothly. The old PC was really unstable, and I'm hoping this puppy will be more reliable.

[Update: I should note that it wasn't just the webcam that held things up. I also had to set up the station software on the new machine I'm using, plus get Service Packs, AV and firewall software all up to date, etc. A much longer project than I'd planned.]

In response to queries about my putting a weather bug up on the blog: I will, but haven't gotten to it yet. In the meantime, here are links to the two stations I own*:

* Fletcher, VT - just current weather conditions.
* Newark, VT - current conditions and the webcam.

Now I'm woefully behind on my book project, but I've struggled for months to fix various problems with the station, and I needed to resolve this before stuff really hits the fan at work. Oy. Anyway, a minor victory over one thing that has been hanging over me. Onward!


* For those who care, the National Weather Service uses the data I provide for their predictive modeling. The Fletcher station is officially known as KFLE, and Bald Hill is KBLD. A few local forecasters also use my webcam for reference.

[One more update: thanks to everybody for visiting and keeping the threads lively while I was AWOL. When I wasn't struggling with PC issues, I was hanging with my wife since it was her birthday weekend and everything. Blogging will still likely be light over the next couple weeks as I dig out from all the work that's on my plate, but I promise not to abandon my faithful readers completely!] 

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