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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
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Kerry Wins!

That's what CNN is saying, with 24% of NH precincts reporting, and a bunch of close exit polls in hand. Apparently Florida 2000 is a distant memory...


[Update: It's a funny feeling, watching Kerry win NH. Early on I thought he would be my candidate, when I scoffed at Dean's chances (even though I liked Howie and voted for him several times in VT). But Kerry ultimately didn't do anything for me, and while I was initially excited by the prospect of Edwards when I heard him on NPR oh-so-long ago, he also ended up disappointing me.

Only a few weeks before Dean's announcement speech last June, I finally realized that he was truly the candidate for me. He was right about the war, had a vision in sync with mine, and displayed an energy and passion that the other candidates lacked.

I haven't given up on Howie yet (no wins next week and he's done for, though I'll still vote for him on March 2), and I'll cast my ballot for Kerry in the general election if he wins the nomination, but it's not going to be with a great deal of enthusiasm. That's why I've got such a sinking feeling in my stomach right now: I don't like the prospect of supporting a boring politician who voted for the war in Iraq and leveraged his personal wealth to take down a man who engaged me in the process like no other candidate ever has.]

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