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Tuesday, January 20, 2004
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Iowa Aftermath

So I'm disappointed Dean didn't do better, but really, Clinton didn't win Iowa in '92 (Harkin did), Dukakis didn't in '88 (Gephardt did), Bush didn't in '88 either (Dole did), Reagan didn't in '80 (Bush did), and Carter didn't really in '76 (Uncommitted did!). Iowa is first, and it's a nice feather in your cap, but it really doesn't mean a whole lot.

I've also seen Dean's passionate speech in the aftermath. Friends and family reported to me that it was embarrassing, but quite frankly, I don't see what the big deal was. Yeah, it plays into the media meme of the "angry Dean", but at this point, even if he's sugar and cream nobody will report it that way.

In a way, the pressure's kind of off Howie. No longer the alleged front-runner, maybe he'll get a little breather and Kerry will pick up some more flack.

It's a long contest, Dean's still got a reasonable lead in NH polling (if you believe any polls), and the truth will out.

All that said, I would gladly vote for Kerry if he wins the nom. I'd rather have Dean, or Edwards, or Clark, and I won't forgive Kerry for his dirty pool, but he's infinitely better than Bush. All the same, it's probably time to give a little more cash to Howie...


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