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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
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Have A Nice Trippi

Joe Trippi's leaving the Dean campaign. Thanks for getting us this far.

That said, it's clearly time for a change. A grassroots movement is great, but that by itself doesn't necessarily replace good old fashioned political organization. It probably would've been counterproductive to replace Trippi before the first ballots were cast (recall Kerry being declared dead for similar moves), but clearly the campaign was coasting a bit and lost a lot of ground in the days leading up to Iowa, and made some bad moves (e.g., limiting Howie's press contact). Time to refocus, get some better ads, and better mobilize those unions and other groups.

What worries me most right now is the advantage Dean's supposed to have in these critical weeks, overflowing coffers, is possibly vaporware. If it's true that he only has $5M, I wonder how he will be able to compete in the 2/3 primaries, let alone the couple weeks after that.

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