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Friday, January 23, 2004
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Happy Birthday

Mac turns 20.

I remember the Big Brother ad from the '84 Super Bowl. I had no clue what it was about, but it was cool. I was still using my Apple II+ (the black Bell & Howell model) at the time.

When I got to college in '87, I finally got my first exposure to the Mac. I'd been using the IBM PC and PCjr, in addition to my II+, and at first thought the sissy icons and mouse and double-clicking were lame. After about a week, enlightenment hit.

I was somehow able to parlay my Mac and publishing experience into a job at my current employer, waaay back in '92. I spent almost 3 years in the Production department as a Computer Graphic Illustrator, drawing boxes and clouds for the technical training materials I use to teach my classes today. The Big Brother ad alst represents a professional transition for me: I used a screen shot from it to start a presentation during my interview to become a Member of Technical Staff (what we call our instructors) back in '94. I've been on the road teaching ever since.

While my IIsi, IIci, and 520c are all retired, and I'm using a Wintel machine to blog right now, I consider myself a Mac-head to this day. I still have all my old computers in the disaster area I call my office (much to my wife's chagrin). I'll also note I'm listening to music at the moment on Steve Jobs' latest innovation, the iPod (which he is now wisely licensing to HP).

Take that, Bill Gates.


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