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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
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Dr. Dean's Backup Career

Faithful reader timshel brought to my attention a rough transcript (via NRO, of all places) for The Most Exclusive Interview With Howard Dean (RealAudio) by the Daily Show's Jon Stewart. Oddly enough, we were watching a tape of the show when I read timshel's comment. Very funny (inner monologue in itals):

Stewart: "Obviously, a difficult week in Iowa, wish you could have done better ... you did an interview with Diane Sawyer ... do you consider those damage control interviews?"

Dean: 'Good question, Cronkite.' "Well they are certainly gonna help some..."

Stewart: "How will you control the damage from this?" 'This is going great!!'

Dean: 'You've got five minutes, jackass.'

Stewart: "The media has tried to pigeonhole you as an angry guy."

Dean: 'The press, those no good $#!&%.'

Stewart: "Governor, are you angry now?"

Dean: "Certainly not."

Stewart: "How bout now?"

Dean: "No."

Stewart: "Let's talk issues [long, uncomfortable silence] ... why don't you start?"

Dean: "Health insurance for every single American — we are the only country in the world..."

Stewart: 'Da dum ... I eat buttons.'

I'm still laughing. And damn, if this guy (Dean, not Stewart) doesn't win the election, at least we had fun rooting for him...


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