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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
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DNC Redux

The DNC called again (they last called on Jan 2), asking for a hundred bucks. I reiterated my intention to give my cash only to Dean until after the primary season. I also re-emphasized my desire that the Democratic Party internalize Howie's message of real change, embrace the power of the grassroots movement that supports him, and stop behaving like Republicans in general.

We had a nice chat, then the caller tried to renegotiate fifty bucks out of me, and I held firm. I'm an Indy, I'm a Deaniac, and you're not getting a damn cent from me until after the convention. And I tell ya, I ain't giving to Kerry.

I'll give to the Dems to help the party overall, but I won't be able to enter my credit card info on the Kerry website. Edwards, yes. Clark, yes. But I am not supporting Kerry: I'm fighting to overthrow Bush. I hate voting coming from such a negative place, but that's how I see the political landscape at the moment.

All that said, I am still hopeful that I'll get to make a positive choice in November.


[Update: somebody over at Kos suggested that Dean donors should be pissed about how the Dean campaign squandered their dough. As I observed, this was the first campaign I've ever given to (that's another thing I told the DNC lady tonight), and in light of how much Dean has positively influenced the race, I see all my donations as money well-spent.] 

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