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Friday, January 02, 2004
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Just had a nice chat with a caller from the DNC. We agreed that the nation cannot afford another 4 more wars, er...years of Bush and that we all need to do whatever we can to defeat him (again). I observed that I am not a Democrat, but an Independent, to which she replied: well, as long as you're not a Republican! We laughed.

I declined to contribute to the party, telling her that I'm reserving my money to ensure Dean gets the nomination, but will consider giving to the party after the primary season. I also noted that I wanted the Dems to stop the sniping at each other, focus on substance and keep their collective eyes on the prize. She concurred.

This caller (sorry, I forget her name) partially redeemed the Democratic Party in my eyes. I still am not a partying kind of guy, but it's nice to be reminded that most Dems are good folk--I expect that from this blog's resident party faithful, but I don't always experience decency from Dems in other venues.

BTW, this is in great contrast to a call I got from the party a few years ago. When I told the caller I was not a Dem and don't contribute to campaigns or candidates (see how much Howard Dean changed my attitude?), he got all huffy and basically called me an idiot. I'm sure he's now working for the Kerry campaign.


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