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Thursday, January 08, 2004
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Dem Electability Roundup

A few articles that discuss the electability thing, Dean, and Clark:

* WaPo: Can Dean Win, And Do Democrats Even Care?

* Salon: Dean, Bobby and the ghost of landslides past.

* Slate: The Second-Place Candidate - Wesley Clark plants his flag in New Hampshire.


[Update: In a related vein, here's some stuff about the expectations game from Salon:

If the former Vermont governor doesn't overwhelm his opponents in Iowa and New Hampshire, some analysts say, he may face a long, draining campaign fight.

Last polling I saw showed a tight race in IA between Dean and Gep. And Clark is making an impressive run in NH, seemingly taking support from both Kerry and Dean:

The plot sickens. Time to give more money to Dean?]

[One more update: TNR has a very nice, positive piece on Dean. Weird, I know. Thanks to reader dan in comments for the tip.] 

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