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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
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DamnWe Will

No yawp from Dean tonight. Just a nice speech (and chants of "JU-DEE! JU-DEE! JU-DEE!" from the crowd).


[Update: an excerpt:

Tonight, the people of New Hampshire have asked for change. A real change. We can change America. And we will.

We can have jobs again in America, and we will.

We can join every other industrialized nation on the face of the earth and have health insurance for all Americans, and we will.

We can invest in families with small children and have those kids grow up to go to college instead of prison, and we will.

We can demand -- we can demand for our young people a better future, a solution to global warming, getting us off foreign oil by investing in renewable energy, and we will.

We can regain the moral leadership that this country has held, and we will.

We we can return our school systems to the control of local school boards, fully fund special education and get rid of the federal mandates of no child left behind, and we will.

We can get rid of the president's pharmaceutical bill and instead have a pharmaceutical bill that's helped seniors instead of insurance companies and drug companies, and we will.

We can give the 50% of americans who quit voting in this country because we don't give them a reason to vote a reason to vote again, and we will.

We can take back America and stand up for working families and middle-class families again and take our government back for the people who built it instead of corporations and special interests, and we will.

Let's get to work...]

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