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Sunday, January 25, 2004
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The Blogging Of The President

Minnesota Public Radio is producing a show called The Blogging of the President: 2004, which airs live tonight from 9-11 Eastern:

Is blogging an essential part of our political and cultural future, or just a new talking point for activists and pundits?

Two days before the New Hampshire Primary, this program will open a national conversation on the Internet transformation of politics and the new rules of "the making of the president." It's about bloggers: the influential new class of chatterers and their bottom-up democracy - new voices building new communities on the web.

The rise of Howard Dean, on blog energy and blog fundraising, is the tip of the Internet iceberg, moving like a high-speed glacier across American politics and culture. Mixing live calls, guest interviews, and produced pieces, listeners will hear and interact with the people that are taking the "mass" out of media and putting in individual citizens.

I'll be listening on VPR (stream).


PS--I was chatting with my folks earlier today about this and Mom thought I'd said "The Flogging of the President". Not a bad idea--can we send Bush to Singapore? 

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