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Sunday, December 07, 2003
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Why I'm Glad We Didn't Go Out Last Night

My mom informed me of this last night, after we'd made our decision to bail on our friend's party:

A Fairfax mother and daughter died and another person was critically injured in a weather-related accident Saturday as unexpectedly heavy snow from the first big storm of the winter walloped the state.

The victims were Emily Aja, 15, and Diane Aja, 46, both of Rocky Ridge Road, State Police in St. Albans said. The third person, a passenger in the Aja vehicle, was not identified. The accident took place about noon on Vermont 104A in Georgia.

Across Vermont, police and highway officials reported a rash of less serious accidents on snow-covered roads, but many people ignored the wintry weather and went about their Saturday errands and holiday shopping.
The fatal accident in Georgia occurred early in the snowstorm, but Christopher Gonyeau, a Georgia firefighter, said road conditions were treacherous. Gonyeau and a crew of firefighters were called out to the accident on Vermont 104A at 12:06 p.m.

"One vehicle lost control coming down a hill and was t-boned by another vehicle," Gonyeau said.

The car had been heading toward Georgia from Fairfax, while the truck in the accident was heading in the opposite direction.

No matter what kind of vehicle you have, no matter how careful you are, bad stuff can happen. No need to tempt fate if you can avoid it. Most likely we would have arrived at our destination okay, though given my tired state, who knows for sure. Anyway, winter snow is fun, but it's as deadly as a tornado or fire or flood.

To all my readers who were slammed by this storm, be well.


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