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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
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Some Perspective On Bush's Stunt

Heather, USAF 1991-1997:

First, let me say these little photo opportunities do nothing in raising the morale level. The people who Bush dined with were most assuredly hand selected. Most likely known by their peers as brown-nosers.

Here is how it goes. Commander to First Sergeant, "I need five bodies from our unit to dine with a VIP." First Sergeant goes to the other senior enlisted and selects only those individuals that are as gung-ho enough. Did you hear the "whoops" as Bush was addressing the troops? These people never had low morale to begin with. Most likely, they are selected from career soldiers or people who just reenlisted.

Now, did you notice their uniforms? Everyone looked they just got it back from the dry cleaners. Not your average Joe who has been turning a wrench on a Hum-Vee the past 12 hours. Also, everyone had their sleeves pulled down. After all, we want everyone to look the same for the photo. I can't tell you how many times we had VIPs visit in Las Vegas and we all had to have our sleeves down. It did not matter if it was 120 degrees, and believe me it often was.

You also did not see people who looked like they may be pushing their max weight restriction. That does not make for good photos either. Nobody wants the president taking pictures with a big, fat slob.

As the morale for the others who were not selected... not so good. While these folks are eating turkey with Bush, you get something a little less palatable. Since the work does not go away, you have to perform their job too while they are munching away.

(grafs broken up for easier reading, via Scott Rosenberg)

I've always wondered how this type of thing works, particularly the impact on morale for those who don't get to chat up the Prez. I don't know if this Heather person's for real or not, but what she says sure sounds right.


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