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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
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Quote Of The Day

So I'm watching Smoke (to be honest, I've never seen in its entirety, today being no exception). One of my favorite lines just came up, and it feels like the QOTD.

Forgive me, but it requires a little setup. William Hurt and Harvey Keitel are looking at some pictures taken by the latter, when Hurt observes that they're all of the same street corner, all 4000 of them. Keitel:

They're all the same, but each one is different from every other one. You've got your bright mornings and your dark mornings. You've got your summer light and your autumn light. You've got your weekdays and your weekends. You've got your people in overcoats and galoshes, and you've got your people in shorts and T-shirts. Sometimes the same people, sometimes different ones. And sometimes the different ones become the same, and the same ones disappear. The earth revolves around the sun, and every day the light from the sun hits the earth at a different angle.

Faithful readers should feel fortunate I don't literally do the same thing as Keitel and force upon all y'all, but that's sort of what I endeavor to do with many of the pics I take. I like to record the differences in the same subjects over time, and try to look at things anew. The results aren't always successful in terms of some objective measure of quality of composition, lighting, color, or whatever. But it's my record, and if I don't take those pictures, a lot of unique moments are lost.

That said, I'm also practicing to not be the annoying dad who has to record every freaking moment of his children's lives. I still have some work to do in that regard. I appreciate your indulgence as I learn.


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